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ISRAEL & INDIA / A meeting of Minds

The India-Israel Innovation HUB, working closely with SATC PVT LTD, is a pioneering platform enhancing collaboration and innovation between India and Israel.
It focuses on connecting talent and fostering research and development in cutting-edge fields.
The HUB offers resources and support for developing groundbreaking projects, emphasizing knowledge exchange, and building strong partnerships.
It is dedicated to nurturing innovative ideas and facilitating their growth in the global marketplace, while also addressing cultural and regulatory challenges in international collaboration.

The India-Israel Innovation HUB and SATC joint R&D division uniquely caters to both Indian tech talents and Israeli tech companies.
For Indian tech professionals, it's an unparalleled opportunity to engage with international innovation, offering career advancement in a global tech landscape.
Meanwhile, Israeli tech companies gain access to India's vast pool of skilled tech talent, fostering mutually beneficial collaborations. This initiative not only bridges geographical gaps but also unites two robust tech ecosystems, driving forward innovation and technological progress.

HUB's Working Enviroment

For Creative Minds

The India-Israel Innovation HUB's working environment is vibrant and collaborative,
fostering a blend of creativity and cultural diversity.
It's a hub where Indian and Israeli tech talents synergize,
driving innovation and professional growth in a respectful, dynamic setting.

Bridging Innovations

In an era where technology transcends borders, the India-Israel Innovation HUB stands as a testament to collaboration and progress.
By melding the technical expertise of India with the innovative drive of Israeli tech companies, this platform is a beacon of mutual growth and groundbreaking achievements in the global tech arena. It embodies the spirit of cross-cultural collaboration, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and technologies.

The HUB's initiative is not just about sharing resources, but also about blending diverse perspectives to spark novel solutions that redefine the technological landscape.

Cultivating Talent

Harness the potential of India's tech experts in collaboration with Israeli technological prowess. A synergy that not only enhances skills but also enriches professional experiences.

Fostering Partnerships

Unique opportunities for Israeli companies to engage with India's dynamic tech landscape. These collaborations are gateways to new markets and uncharted territories of innovation.

Driving Innovation

Together, creating technological solutions that lead global trends and advancements. This joint effort marks the dawn of a new era in tech, powered by shared vision and ambition.

Our Team


Meet our leadership team at the India-Israel Innovation HUB!
A group of seasoned professionals dedicated to melding the best of Indian and Israeli tech ecosystems.
Their expertise spans across innovation leadership, technology strategy, talent acquisition,
And talent management, driving forward our mission of collaborative excellence.

Amir Zeltzer

Visionary leader, bridging India-Israel tech ecosystems, fostering innovation and international collaboration.

Yaron Zeltzer
Chief Technology Officer

Tech strategist, driving cutting-edge innovation, expert in merging Indian and Israeli technological advancements.

Shivam Kaushik
Talent Acquisition Head

Seasoned expert in scouting elite tech talent, key to forging robust Indo-Israeli tech partnerships.

Varad Bhasin
Talent Management Head

Senior professional adept at developing and retaining top tech talent, enhancing the India-Israel tech ecosystem.




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