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ISRAEL & INDIA/ A meeting of Minds

The India-Israel Innovation HUB is a collaborative space where researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs from India and Israel can come together to work on innovative projects and ideas. Our mission is to foster collaboration and innovation between our two countries, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and the development of new initiatives.

The HUB offers a wide range of resources and support to help members bring their ideas to life. We believe that collaboration is key to driving innovation and progress, and we offer numerous opportunities for members to connect and collaborate with others through in-person events and a central hub for sharing ideas and expertise. We also provide support for those looking to establish partnerships and collaborations, including matchmaking services and assistance with navigating cultural and regulatory differences.

In addition to these resources, we support the development of new initiatives and are committed to helping our members access the resources and connections they need to bring their ideas to life. We also support entrepreneurship and offer a range of resources and support to aspiring entrepreneurs, including mentorship and training.

We are committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous learning and are eager to support the development of innovative projects and ideas.

HUB's Working Enviroment

For Creative Minds

Practical innovation

Innovation derives from the practical merge of extensive perspectives, multi-disciplinary knowledge and an in depth understanding of different domains – all focusing on a specific solution.

That is the motto which motivates us in the Indian-Israel innovation HUB , when choosing partners, commercial leaders and development teams.

Pushing the limits Together

We are pushing the limits of ideas and insights coming from our partners and stand boldly against the challenges we are facing in the global markets of today.


As good and innovative an idea may be, ultimately it requires a realization and execution process.

Innovative Approach

Innovation is not just a Groundbreaking technology, but an approach in itself.

This approach is reflected in any form required in our innovation HUB - from the presentation of a commercial or technological idea – up to reaching the innovative solution for the targeted market.

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